A1 Jumps Safaree & Misster Ray Wants Kandie – Check Yourself: S5 E8 | Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood

You're watching "Love and Hip Hop Hollywood: "Check Yourself" Season five

You'll be watching us watch the show for the very first time You'll be getting our natural and honest reactions We're watching it with you The scene you're about to see is a whole bunch of chaos about a pee-pee and a vagina and a baby and DNA

You just gotta watch it ♪♪ (Lyrica) What the (bleep) going on? What the (bleep) going on? No, what the (bleep) is going on? A1's hair is horrible (Lyrica) Why the (bleep) did Princess just tell me that you told him that we (bleep)? I didn't say that

You can't be around here sleeping with people's wives, man! Spit it out your (bleep) mouth All of a sudden you can't (bleep) talk, Safaree? Clear this up right away Let's get down to the bottom of this right now I don't Ray? Did Safaree say that to you? Ray? Yes or no? You said you sent her a (bleep) pick Oh! (Lyrica) You said that? (Ray) I said, "Did you smash? "Or didn't you? And if you did, just admit it Just say you did it" Just tell the truth

You ain't gotta lie Listen, I don't know what's going on in y'all relationship, or whatever y'all got going on, but leave me out of it, okay? What you mean? So y'all y'all

Oh! Oh! Get at 'im, bro! Oh, get him off the table! Oh my God, why does he crawl across the table like that? Surely you weren't gonna make it to the end Like, that was so weird You took too long, bro

Ooh, I wish you could have got your hands on him I just wanna see 'Cause I think he fight like this You're supposed to be my brother You wait that long? (crosstalk) I'm sitting here patiently waiting

for lying on your (bleep) "That's what you get for lying on your

" Stop lying, that (bleep) smashed that (bleep) Stop lying A1, deep inside his soul, knows that his wife's been (bleep) Safaree

Bro, I'm not gonna lie For you to be a married man, you really just got me in some whole bull(bleep) This dude just jumped over the table like a wild hyena About to beat you up And I said, he would have got his ass beat

That's what woulda happened Man, somebody will beat you up over a girlfriend, but somebody will kill you about their wife, man They had a baby on the way I just hope the baby don't look like you ♪♪ Wait, he doesn't deny it! He doesn't say, "There's no way the baby can look like me

" They (bleep) for sure! Listen, don't let ignorance come in between our (bleep) Hey Let's take a lie detector test Oh (bleep)! It's just one question Messy Brooke! What y'all getting mad for? What you calling me messy for, sis? It looks like you might be in this situation 'cause you a little messy

Do you need to take a test? Or do you just believe me? Naw, I don't believe in that (bleep) You ain't never gonna get no lie detector test (bleep) in your life, boy You trippin' Let's not do the lie detector test Let's wait and do the DNA test

That makes it way more juicy Plot twist, it comes out Asian The next scene you're about to see is Misster Ray shutting down a young rapper's dream You won't cure this You're so talented

JayWill is so talented Where's Kandi? Yeah, where is Kandi? I want to try something different Listen, I'm a fan of your talent Kandi is pride JayWill is something else

♪♪ Drop that Pop that Drop that Whoa I just seen some ass right there

She's so sexy and fly I love me some LaBritney This ass, it's out Thank you Wait a minute

What's under there? What's under that? 'Cause I thought I saw cootie cat (bleeping) Yep She had (bleep) out Go Detroit! We're all down for that in Europe We like that

Get naked Britney, you climbing the charts, girl The Lucci Charts, I'ma tell you that much LaBritney's performance was ghetto, ratchet, all the fabulousness of poppin' that (bleep), baby (man) Hello

(woman) Hi Okay, JayWill Not Kandi; JayWill, okay Stay in time with your own song Come on, come on

JayWill's more talented than this, man When your eyes go up and your head is down, it's time to go You're trying to kill something Man, get the hell out of here, man We don't want you at our festival

Not with that Okay (applause) (Misster Ray) You know I love you Okay But what happened to Kandi? I know that the Pride crowd want to see him with his long hair and his long nails being (bleep) fabulous

I never seen you at Pride, I don't go to Pride like that, but just, though, right before you, a girl named LaBritney went I didn't need a comparison to another artist That's like me saying, "How many followers you got?" I mean, I'm about my money and I'm always on tour I don't know who you are What is your name again? You can't be snappy-snappy at the judge and say "I don't know you

" 'Cause I'd be like, "Honey, get out" Don't be rude to the people booking you a job Just a word of advice I choose not to limit myself to what people want Right

If y'all want Kandi, y'all don't have to wait till Pride to go see Kandi I'm not doing it as Kandi I think JayWill is so upset that he's overshadowed by his own alter ego I don't think the budget is there; trust me Ooh! He said y'all can't afford Kandi

(laughing) Well, thank you for coming Thank you so much (woman) Thank you (crosstalk) Hey, man, look: JayWill, that (bleep) was weak, gangsta I will pick LaBritney every time

She's a star in my eyes Do you, JayWill I'm proud of you But this is just not the venue for that song or this time, so they'll have to give it to LaBritney Next time you perform somewhere, let me know

I'll come see you do that

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