Funny: Reporter fails at making celebrity pizzas

-Is this dangerous? -Very dangerous Ah, lucky me

Sent all the way to Italy for a culinary experience, all to celebrate Cartoon Network's brand new show Uncle Grandpa Okay, little white lie Not actually in Italy More like an Italian restaurant in the middle of Glasgow Anyway, who cares? Let's get cooking

I do like a cheesy pizza So I'm here with a very talented chef Dominic Lovely to meet you, Dominic Pleasure Now, not only are you an incredible pizza chef, but you can put celebrities' faces onto pizzas

How did that happen? How did you start doing that? Customers have always asked me to put their face on their pizza, maybe for a birthday or anniversary So I obliged So Dominic, time to get cooking Now according to a recent survey, Ant and Dec have been voted as the ultimate uncles that kids want So are those the celebs you're going to be creating for us? -I'll do that for you

-Amazing Well, we start with the base We want to pick the right photograph that is pizza-genic Pizza-genic Haha, I like that

Very good, very good This is the secret that no one's figured out how to do, and you've got an exclusive on camera today Wow Feeling very lucky So you take a half baked pizza

And you've got the secret of how to make a portrait pizza Amazing And can we see the result? Wow, that's pretty impressive

Ant and Dec on a pizza So Dominic, you showed me the basic skills So now it's my turn to have a go I've gone for Olly Murs because he was voted as also one of the favourite uncles along with Ant and Dec And also, I do fancy him a little bit, and I kind of want him to see the end result

If you could just go through with me I don't think it's going to be great, but let's give it a go Start with your ball of dough and spin, split, spin -Spin and spread -You're going to do some acrobatics

I really want to do some acrobatics, but this is the bit I'm a bit worried about Let's do this Okay Oh no Olly Murs, you're looking great

Oh Olly, I'm so sorry You're an expert I'm such an expert Do you think I could get a job in the kitchen? You can learn the basics in one day You can learn how to make a dough, how to roll it out

That doesn't look good And make a good pizza at home It may take you a little longer Oh no There is a hole in there

Does that matter? One thing I really love about Olly the most is his eyes His eyes And that's the secret to a good pizza, so you want to get the eyes right The other thing I really love about Olly is his amazing smile His smile

Do you think you can capture the smile? And one thing also about Olly is he's very stylish, and he always likes to wear hats So I'm going to go for it to make a hat -You've done this before -I have In a previous life

I'm not going to lie Pizza extraordinaire So yeah, Olly Murs Eat your heart out I'm pretty impressed with that

So am I If you're being really honest with me though, out of 10, what are we thinking? Can I give you an 11? Oh shut up! An 11? You're so kind I think Olly's going to be blown away by this I'm definitely going to get a date with Olly now He's going to be so impressed

Brilliant, so can I do the honours? I'm really scared Want me to do? No, I can do it I just need a moment to say goodbye to Olly Right Yeah, I did it! The big question is who is going to win out of you and me because I'm thinking that is pretty impressive

You can let the public decide So we'll leave the big decision in your hands Although, we think there's a clear winner Oh Olly, you look great

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Celebrity Fails


Celebrity Fails

Celebrity Fails