No Hollywood Ending


) Previously on "The Grand Hustle" The seven remaining hustlers went for broke This week, both teams will have to work together

When the teams combined forces to raise money for charity, some went all in What if we did like an interactive video fund-raiser? And they're challenging somebody after they post it This social media challenge is not making any money It's kinda pointless (T

I) Others folded under pressure (Cierra) Anybody seen T lately? I have not If they didn't stand out, that is an indication Got it

T, feeling good? Always Always (Jillian) I just don't think his head is in it (TI

) But when the stakes got high Can I get y'all attention, please? Look at him He sucks at talking

(TI) George's fate was on the table You know, George, every time you take the lead to speak, you do a lackluster job (TI) But for Jillian

I decided to make this charity into a social media challenge Did it trill? Uh, no, no (T

I) Lady luck ran out Jillian, I don't think this is for you (TI

) In order to be a part of Grand Hustle, you gonna have to beat the house ♪ It's time to turn my dreams into schemes, schemes ♪ ♪ Schemes into plans plans ♪ ♪ Plans into history, show 'em who I am ♪ ♪ Ay, here we go ay ♪ ♪ I'ma show 'em who I am ♪ ♪ Talk about it be about it ♪ ♪ Show 'em who I am ♪ Hey, raising money for the community

Yeah! Tip was happy with it (Krystal) Toast it, toast it (Yonathan) Uh, Terron is here Whoo-whoo! It's gonna be George Look at it, he's taking forever

Are you sure? Congrats, bro George is with him Agh (laughing) (Yonathan) So what happened up there? Yes, please do explain Did he go off of past performances? Basically

I spoke to Jill like right before and I just told her how proud I was of her because I felt like she was the person that changed the most and took the most out of this Absolutely (Grace) Who that is? Ohh It's gettin' good! Uh-oh What's the word? Y'all made another week, huh? Yeah, right I see K-Dubb walk in and so we know right then and there it's game time Put on your face and get back to business Well, it's time for y'all to make y'all way upstairs, man

Oh, man What do you mean? Another challenge, another hustle Right now? The hustle don't stop Let's go! ♪ Ooh, we lit ♪ ♪ In a party 'cause we lit ♪ ♪ We don't care about nothin' 'cause we lit, we don't care ♪ ♪ Poppin' bottles with my squad 'cause we lit ♪♪ Well, I was so excited about this next mission, man, I just had to get it off my chest right now And I also want to give you as much time as possible on this challenge

This is going to be a huge task Becoming a part of this organization and actually having an opportunity to earn a six-figure salary on this roster, I mean, it's immeasurable So you all have to make sure that you are operating on your greatest level So let's get down to business I want both teams to create a movie pitch

It's going to include a treatment of your story, a storyboard, and a movie poster You'll be provided with the crew you'll need to create the poster And then you'll pitch your movie to me and the president of Grand Hustle, Doug Peterson You're gonna make your case as to how this can be an asset to my bottom line and how it can be a viable source of income And I hope you're not tired because I am asking you to pick your points now

All right Who we going with? Cierra's the point for Team Grand I do feel like I am the best as a leader for this team I can give them leadership, I can show them, you know, how to stay focused Put me in any situation, I'm able to adapt to it

(TI) Yonathan is the point for Team Hustle, okay There's a lot on the line for me I'm point for the second time

TI's gonna be looking for the best out of me, and I just hope that I can present that to him Now, the genre of your movie Team Grand, you get the romantic comedy

(Cierra) I love romantic comedy It's so many different markets that we can target So, Team Hustle, you have the action movie (Yonathan) Action movies are way better than rom-coms Look, everybody likes 'em– girls, guys, kids, old people

We gonna kill it (chuckles) (TI) I hope your dreams inspire you I urge you to get some sleep

I am not easy to impress See you later Good night Thank you ♪ Chrome models, go bottles yeah, we gettin' lit ♪ ♪ I'ma tell her how I like it ♪ ♪ I'ma tell her quick ♪ All right, guys, our main thing has to be time management

We have to get pitch storyboards, photo shoots, and movie posters accomplished So let's give each other roles now You know what I mean? "Producer oversees the entire pitch process," so I could do that "Writer, responsible for writing treatment and breakdown of scene for storyboard artist" For our hustle this week, there are a lot of tests

So delegating the roles was very important KG and I have written before, so I feel like you would be great as a writer I can help you out with that Mm-hmm, let's do it You know, and photography

Do you feel comfortable doing that? Absolutely Yeah Confident doing that? Team Hustle has some A-1 winners So, about to do this We meet with a storyboard artist at 4:00

It's 1:40 now I did treatments as far as like television shows, so I'm feeling good as far as myself personally But it's only three of us left Whoever doesn't carry their own weight, they'll just see the door Okay, so let's go over roles

Producers, I'm thinking myself for that It's cool, that's great Okay Writer, Terron for that It's cool

Photographer I'm thinking George (George) All right, cool

I'm just a photographer around here I'm not the leader of this challenge, so I want to defer to her All I could think to myself is, we gotta do a good job on this one We gotta bury the other team I mean, I'm just tired of them

We gotta send them packin' You're the point, so you should be the lead on it But we should all contribute equally Oh, I'm overseeing everything Right

Okay, well, do you have an idea of what we wanna do? Um, we definitely wanted to highlight a black female Some type of yeah

Like a young girl that loses her parents to, you know, some kind of police brutality, um, and gets adopted by an "Angela Davis" type of figure, you know, type of woman Oohand trains her to fight the higher– higher authorities that want her, you know, out

You know Kinda like a female like Malcolm XMalcolm X There you go Yeah, yeah, yeah The concept's really cool, and I really think TI

will dig it I love action movies Okay, so our actor options (Krystal) Yes, pull that up (Yonathan) I was thinking about the young girl

Carolyn Toomer or Joy We were looking at different actors that we actually want and I feel like black women are very underrepresented in action movies I wanted to make sure we had a prominent black woman that can kick some ass, and look good doing it I'd say Joy Joy

♪ Joy ♪ Well, first, what are y'all ideas as far as a romantic comedy? (Terron) I don't know, man I don't know, I had a crazy idea (chuckling) What I'm thinking is Terron and I fall in love, we take this trip Where should we be, on a honeymoon? Like a vacation retreat type of ordeal And we leave our child with you for maybe about a few days? And then we get stuck, and now you're– you're raising our child from here on out

But we have no form of communication, you don't know how to raise children That'll work I see all of the "rom" but none of the "com" Seriously, we gotta stop focusing on this romance and move over to comedy because it's not gonna be funny if one of us gets sent home Now, I wasn't supposed to be the babysitter but y'all called me last minute

That's what I'm thinking too But you don't necessarily trust me with your kids (Cierra) Right But I mean, since y'all already booked this vacation and y'all can't get no refund I know who we can count on: Uncle G! I'll be like

(all laughing) "I got you, dawg" I'm not worried that revisiting this romance is taking away from the hustle I feel like we're kinda capitalizing off of it

I will say, working side-by-side with Terron is harder than I expected, just because I still have those feelings for him But I gotta focus on this hustle

Now as far as the actor, we need a child, of course And a stripper What is the stripper about? I'm– I'm supposed to be teaching the child bad habits So I'm gonna have a girlfriend who's a stripper I'ma call her Snowbunny

All right (Terron) I ain't never write no movie, but putting it together, throwing ideas out, seeing how it will flow What you got so far? Let me write this last sentence It's just a matter of making it all work, so we'll see, man So Rashida's the daughter

(Cierra) Rashida's gonna be the daughter, okay And Jordan is gonna be your stripper-turned-girlfriend (scoffs) This about to be crazy (George) If you need help with the pitch, I'll help you with the pitch (Cierra) George, I'm making an executive decision here

You're not gonna speak at all Well, thanks (Cierra and Terron laughing) TI repeatedly stated that he does not like when George not only presents, but he doesn't even like when George speaks

So I think it's a good idea to not have him a part of this presentation at all ♪♪ ♪ They told me that I'd never make it ♪ ♪ All my life I dealt with haters ♪ All right, let's go to our spot Man, this is gonna be a heavy one It's hard, God knows it Here it is

Here it is We get to the studio, I'm lookin' around, I'm like, "Ohh, snap", you know? It's real professional-looking I'm like– I'm feelin' like big-time And then we meet up with our graphic designer and our storyboard artist We wanna kind of talk to you guys about different options with the poster board, the movie poster board, and the storyboard, as well

So who are we working with for the visual I'm doing the poster, he's doing the storyboardand you're doing the storyboard, perfect So we can, uh, start working, right? Yep Anything you guys need from me, just let me know

When we got to the studio, we literally just went straight gung-ho Just started workin', workin', workin' We had Gracie on the photography, I was going back and forth making sure that the storyboard was good, KG was also doing the same with the movie poster as she was writing the treatment All right, don't be laughin' at my little drawing No, no, see– as long as it's a stick figure, I'm good

That's all I need (Precise) So you writing it like this, right? (Krystal) I don't like that font (both laughing) Okay She's enraged, but still emotional because it's like, "My mother!" Okay Yeah, that's good

Right there (camera clicking) I like it Okay A little more pain in your face (Cierra) Look at the waterfall! We went to the romantic getaway location, and it was definitely everything that we thought it would be

It was like, waterfalls, the rock like, you know, we was able to create a whole picnic vibe This was perfect for our storyboard Y'all campin' right here And you can hand-feed him, um, fruits and shit Make it look all sexy, okay? (Cierra) Oh, my gosh

I don't trust that shot That makes no sense There's not even no water (George) Chill out, I'm capturing the water I need you to start feeding him fruit and shit

(laughing) All right, get right there real quick This hustle in particular has really made me face my fears of emotion just because Terron is shirtless and he's right here on my neck (laughing) So it's kind of hard Feelings sometimes are really uncontrollable and I can't allow my focus to be with Terron when I gotta remember, initially I came here to win this six-figure salary W– I want the waterfall and everything

Like this whole background, that's the whole point of– Look, trust me for a second, okay? Cierra's super talented, but right now she's slippin' on her pimpin' She's wasting valuable time Come on, Cierra I mean, this lovey-dovey, birds and the bees, that's all good, that's cool But are we gonna sell a movie here? (Cierra) We only got ten minutes

All right, I'ma get a quick zoom in and we gone Is that the one? Let me– let me get 'em So in order to have it on a poster, you have to have room Like a little around– Yeah, there should be no parts of her body cut off in the picture, okay? 'Cause then we're limited in what we can do with it (Yonathan) I am point, and this is one of the biggest parts of the whole pitch, the poster If this doesn't come out right, then that's my ass So you have to, um, reshoot it Yeah

That's okay She's– she's still here, okay ♪♪ ♪♪ (overlapping chatter) Can I– can I get some of these? Yeah, yeah, go for it (Yonathan) The shots that Gracie got in the studio are pretty bad Gracie is great, but I don't know, like, I just felt like I had to take the camera and do it myself

Head down just a little bit (camera clicking) I mean, I was frustrated because we barely had time for what we needed to do Now we don't have any of those shots (sighing) Just tell me what you want me to do You know, I would appreciate, like, if I didn't do something right, just let me know and I can fix it and do it, you know– like, I'm not like a five year old

You don't have to, like, hold my hand, you know? Just let me know, "Hey, Gracie, can you do this this way?" You know? And then I'll adjust (Yonathan) Yes, just like that Hold that (TI

) What is Gracie doing? Gracie is pretty much what we call in the streets "staying out the way" (both laughing) She's just trying to be nice and smart, and not do too much But low risk is low reward Yeah She's a wallflower

There are no perks for wallflowers here ♪♪ (George) Hey, man, how's it going? (man) How you doing? Pretty good, I'm George Andrew Nice to meet you (woman) How're y'all? Busy, busy, busy

Excited to work on this project with y'all, we'll see what we can do Heard we're doing a romantic comedy Yes, yes Do you guys have a name for this movie? (Terron) "Staying With Uncle G Money" "Staying With Uncle G Money"? Yeah

Once we left the romantic location, it's like, all right, boom, that's done, what's next? Like, I'm always thinking about what's next, what's next, what's next We don't have that much time Soon as– soon as she gets home from school on Monday, that's when the corruption starts (Andrew) That's fine, that works Just the faster I can get the photos, the faster I can get them edited

So if y'all don't mind, I'ma go ahead and call the actress in so we can go ahead and get these– (India) Set up shop? Yeah, I got shop set up All rightequipment's looking good, I tested it all (Cierra) Okay, good So we're about lit to go over here

All right (George) Hey, how you doing? Good, how are you? Pretty good My name's George, you must be Jordan I'm Jordan I am

Jordan I understand what our storyline is supposed to be, but I don't see the comedy Everything I see so far is just Cierra and Terron at the waterfall, you know? That– I mean, come on

Like, when're we gonna get to the funny part of this? I think it's time for me to step in, get that comedy We need to hustle We're trying to win the round here Look at my niece! Hey, niece What's up, niece? Hi, Uncle

George gets on my nerves really easy He comes up with these ideas, but then he loses focus Snowbunny How you doing, Snowbunny? Oh, baby! I missed you, girl I don't know what started happening, but it's like, when it's time to hustle, it's time to focus

Like, it's no time to, like, get lit right now I'm like, if you're not focused, this could probably, like, cost us the whole freakin' challenge right now (Cierra) What the (bleep) is happening right now? I'm hopin' they– they captured that Okay, why– why don't we use some of the background that we did? (Krystal) Yeah, I already told him Yeah

We already working on it, we're good (Yonathan) 'Cause you could even use (Krystal) We took some other shots, we're good

We got it, don't worry about it All right, KG I'ma make it through Don't– don't blow me off, though I'm just– I don't know what you guys have said, I'm just givin'

you know what I mean? Just chill out, guys (Yonathan) The tension right now, like, you could literally cut it with a knife KG snapped a little bit and I snapped right back

(Krystal) Gracie, you working on the budget, right? Hmm? You working on the budget? Do you need, like, direct budget for us? (Krystal) It pains me to say this, but my sis Gracie contributed the least today I don't really have time for that Yonathan and I both have type-A personalities We wanna get shit done, we want it to be correct And we do bump heads at times

But at the end of the day, we have deadlines to complete Let me give you a list of things I wanted to put in it The average costs for action will be I think Gracie kind of felt a little bit of a way, which is a tragedy right now because we don't have that much time left (George) Okay, that's good And now, you press this button right here, you go over here, you hold that down (camera beeps) (Cierra) George as the photographer? (scoffs) That was probably a bad idea We need some action (camera clicking) All right, that's a perfect shot right there He was just shooting, shooting, shooting Yeah, y'all are family

(Cierra) He took the freakin' camera off the tripod and is, like, moving it all around George is just discombobulated in more ways than five, but at least he's trying to figure it out Terron is literally not doing anything I just feel like I always have to carry the team Here, let me see this

It's not centered, for one That's kinda cool, but All right

It's not focused either, hold up Yeah, it's focused It's on auto-focus Yeah, that's not focused That's not how you focus it– I'm doing it, George

I'm lookin' right at it The images weren't focused See how clear it is? That one was blurry Look, let me show you And me being point, like, I don't have time for any flaws

So no Why are you touching it? I'm trying to get a wider shot

You wanna take over as photographer? Yeah, I do, 'cause I'm not going for no half-ass nothin' It's not that hard Just freakin' shoot and just focus, like, it's not that hard And now I gotta be over his shoulder to make sure every picture and every angle is okay Can we have some positive energy now? I'm havin' positive energy

'Cause you already said what you said You want me to repeat everything you said? It wasn't focused You told me it wasn't focused, I didn't listen So, I mean Do the wide shot You keep saying things over again (George) Look, we already know you're the chief in this competition, Cierra So stop telling me how to do my damn job Do your job You cannot continue to ride my damn back Look at these with Terron

Blurry Are– is that PowerPoint you're making, is that the one we're using? 'Cause I had started Yeah, why, what happened? What did you start? A PowerPoint for presentation

Yeah, that's what I was doing I was gonna make it the same– I didn't want you– okay (Precise) So what do you think, we done here? (Krystal) I think it's perfect Um, Yonathan, you– final looks? Oh, I love it I love it

We wanted to make sure our project didn't look like some cheap film that you could get from the hair salon We wanted to make sure that this looked like a quality project Check Oh, it looks really good Gracie, you know, I love me some Gracie

I don't know, it felt like she kinda just gave up today Thank you so much You're a pleasure to work with KG and I were over here, we're working side by side, we're making sure stuff's getting done And Gracie's just, like, over here

What else do you have to do, Gracie? Like the entire presentation of numbers Got it All right, let's go (India) Okay, so these are all of the pictures that I got from y'all Mm-hmm

These aren't especially great The focus is terrible Yeah, these are terrible Where's George? (groaning) Like, that's what I was trying to show him earlier on the actual camera I had to focus it correctly, position everything correctly, put people in the right angles, and he must've put it back

(George) So how we looking over here? (Cierra) We're gonna have to reshoot these, and that's gonna waste time 'cause they're blurry And I don't do half nothin' You mentioned it already You gonna keep talkin' about that? But when I tell you something the first time, I need you to listen I mean, I think we got a pretty good shot

I don't need a "pretty good shot", I– I strive for greatness Cierra, you tryin' to micromanage a little too much around here So the family shot is not a great shot? No (George) Maybe you put it out of focus, 'cause you the only person who touched the camera I mean, the shots were pretty good at the landscape, waterfall scene with y'all finger-food eating

Now the lens is not focused? I wonder how that happened All right, so you done with that now or It look like they both having trouble

(K-Dubb) Yeah Nobody cares about the struggle you have to endure to make it to your goals Mm-mmm People only want to see and hear the result You know what I mean? They don't even wanna hear about it They don't– hell nah! They just want, "Hey, hey, hey

What you got?" (both chuckling) ♪♪ ♪ I thought I told you ♪ ♪ But y'all just never listen ♪ ♪ No — boys right here, boy ♪ ♪ So you should keep your distance ♪ ♪ No time out ♪ (all exclaiming) This shit actually look dope (Krystal) Our movie poster looks bomb

We have a few more things we need to do to tidy up our pitch But I'm, like, really confident that we're gonna come out with the win Let's rehearse for a good 20 to 30 minutes (Yonathan) At the studio, I literally felt like this was the least confident I've ever felt going into a presentation "For Justice" is a character-driven, action-packed picture

There's a lot of explosions, torpedoes, gunfire, lot of CGI But we were able to practice a little bit and get everything set up for the presentation So I'm actually excited (Cierra) We still have a lot to get done, and we don't have a lot of time So we have to use our time, like, the best way that we can

(George) You know what we don't have? Any analytics about rom-coms Anything that you feel like we need or anything, just look it up, write it down, so we can just log it on (Cierra) I thought that we would be able to rehearse But we don't have time for that So no pressure here

It's just, like, we need to come correct or just don't come at all ♪♪ Hello Hey, hey How are you? Hello Hey! Hey, how's it going? This is for you

This is for you, sir Thank you So today we're gonna chat with you about "For Justice" "For Justice" is a character-driven, action-packed picture about an educated, conscious, badass young woman Due to the loss of her parents, has this huge vendetta against racist political leaders

(Yonathan) There's a lot of explosions, torpedoes, gunfire, lotta CGI, you know what I mean, to keep the costs down You feel me? Um, but this basically will showcase a badass black woman embracing her Afro Tight leather pants, and kicking ass while doing it, you feel me? All right (all laughing) (Krystal) Let's get into the marketing goals a little bit (Grace) Yeah, so, our goal is to really just blow this movie up

The goal is to have Justice the new superhero, really This is something that can go in the theme parks that always do, like, superhero-type things So theme park rides? Okay Yes Right

So you have a beautiful young black lady Angry

Angry Murdering white people Now which theme park exactly do you think this would belong? Usually when you get to murder, it kind of shifts the demographic a little bit You know what I'm saying? Okay, touché Like, I feel you

I hear you loud and clear on that So our projected budget is 40 million Mmm Do you think 40 million is an accurate number, Doug? No I don't think– You don't? I don't

Um, we were looking at "Fast & Furious" was, what, 70 million? Yeah We can't even talk about them They done made over a billion dollars in revenue They have an unlimited amount of funds and resources going into that I think it's a strong story and you have strong characters, but I think 40 million is a bit ambitious for this

Thank you Thank you! Thank you guys for your time Thank you for having us Overall, I think we did pretty well Yonathan and I brought a lot of information we needed

Gracie has definitely picked up from whatever she was feeling and is a valuable member to the team I think we got this one in the bag So what do you think? I don't know, bro I mean, I think it's a great story I just think they a little ambitious with the– Very ambitious

I wonder what the next team will have to present (Cierra) Going into this presentation, I am super nervous because we didn't even get a chance to rehearse the actual presentation altogether Oh, shoot! (TI) Okay

We, like, done lost the movie (Cierra) Hopefully me and Terron are able to just play off one another and just have some enthusiasm when it comes to this "Staying With Uncle G Money" (all laughing) Guaranteed to be funny As you can see, the title of our movie is "Staying With Uncle G Money"

In our movie, we decided to take the typical family member babysitter, and we threw in the ratchet uncle (Terron) Uncle G Money, my brother, coming in to take care of my little princess (Cierra)

as her parents go on a romantic getaway (Terron) My little princess, Rashida, has now turned into Ra-Ra (T

I) So this is really just an updated version of "Uncle Buck" It's the same premise But the black version I guess you could say that

(George) So, uh, one of the fine points about this movie is that, uh, Snowbunny is my new girlfriend who is an ex-stripper (Cierra groaning) Really, George? What is this right now? I told you, it's not a good idea for you to speak So our targeted demographics is between 19-35, that's Generation Y, millennials, next gen I definitely was thinking if I can tell George to shut up right now as we're in front of TI

, I probably should, but I didn't So what's happening now with rom-coms is they're– they're hit or miss at this point, because the traditional values and also, the, uh, marriage rate has decreased amongst Americans Um, the average– I'm sorry, I fell asleep (chuckling) (Cierra) TI

fell asleep I'm like, ugh, thanks, George! You're amazing (chuckling) Um, what do you have for your budget? We're projecting the budget for this movie to be about 95 Do you have any ideas for merchandising? As far as merchandising for– what was that? For the film

Merchandise Just mainly the wardrobe Not really No, no, no, no, no Unc– Uncle G Money has a fine affinity for urban clothes such as Hustle Gang

No, no, no, no, no, no, no We have to be a little more creative Uncle G Money is writing a book about the ratchet world and how to survive in the ratchet world, so– Okay, okay, okay, I got it I get it Um

Thank you for your presentation Thank you Thank you

Thank you (TI) Right on, guys (Cierra) Honestly, I feel like the presentation was just an epic fail

George wasn't gonna talk, but he did So it's like, if we lose? George, peace (Doug) I don't see it You don't see it at all? At all But see, there is a business model already present

You have the "Uncle Buck" factor (exhales) And also, to be wrong about this it costs you ten million You be wrong about "Justice", it costs you about 25 (laughing) So for Team Hustle, though, they have a much better storyline Mm-hmm

And also much more risk involved Bigger chance to lose High risk, high reward I guess they say you get what you pay for I think you definitely gonna get what you pay for

♪♪ Walking into elimination, I'm feeling confident I'm feeling like I really busted my tail today, like, it's no way, because TI said he was gonna, you know, send home the least effective person So I have no worries at all

(Yonathan) Going into elimination, I don't know how I feel TI said that he felt like we were a little too ambitious with the budget that we picked He's a businessman, he wants to know about the money

So now I don't know where we stand ♪♪ (T

I) We meet again It is that time Time we see who possess the hustle that's versatile enough to earn a six-figure salary at my Grand Hustle empire (T

I sighs) And for one more, it is that time that we say goodbye This week, you were tested on the film industry What I needed you to do was pitch me a viable movie that we could produce, develop, and make money with And you both interpreted that in your own way

Check all of the little boxes But see, checking boxes ain't always a recipe for success Let's get down to it Yonathan, it's your second time as point Yes, sir

How'd it go? I ain't gonna lie, this was hard Your boy was sweating If you're here, next week will be even more difficult The thing about you guys' idea, you overpriced it quite a bit, ignoring the bottom line The pitch is important

Sometimes you could have a great idea, a bad pitch, and have a catastrophic outcome Cierra? Yes? You were the point here Yes The good thing was it was an affordable film, you did keep it where it was lower risk and manageable That did make it attractive

George, how'd you feel about it? I felt, um, that we did the best we could considering the genre (TI) Now, look, there are tons of romantic comedies that are proven moneymakers So either you performed or you didn't

I think I did Do you? Yonathan, tell me who was the weakest link It would have to be Gracie There were certain times where I felt like I was doing her role (clears throat) But she was working the entire time, so

So that would mean your MVP would be Krystal definitely was the MVP in this Cierra, who was your weakest link? She not gonna throw her man under the bus And of course, it's always gonna be me So I could– I could– I could take that That's not even it

Like when it came to the photography, I was trying to tell George how to focus and he wasn't listening And it's like, the image that we used for the poster board was the one that I had to take because I had to step behind the camera and focus it out If he would've just listened Terron, him as well, just because– (TI

) "Him as well" what? I'm sorry? You said "Terron as well" As far as, like, the weakest Oh, Terro– Oh, Terron? Oh, so everybody on your team weak When Terron was presenting the actual scenes, he didn't give a clear and concise, like, scene-by-scene, so you weren't really able to grasp what we were trying to tell you Mm-hmm

No MVP for you this week She was the MVP Ohh Did you guys think that I was weak? Yes, absolutely Okay, please explain Well, you spent too much time, like I said, focusing on a one, little minute detail Was I still working? I'm trying to talk You always accuse me of not listening, but you're not listening right now

(TI) Guys So corny I like you all You made it this far I commend you Now, just to be honest with you

all pitches taken into full consideration Both concepts, both budgets, all things considered, I must honestly say my money would be more comfortably invested in

♪♪ All things considered, I must honestly say my money would be more comfortably invested ♪♪ in "For Justice" Team Hustle, you win Thank you, appreciate it Thank you

Go ahead, enjoy yourselves this evening Team Grand, center yourselves There's a lot of blame to go around here Everybody did something wrong The pitch was not very good

The characters were not thought past yourselves You imagined yourselves in a different situation, but you did not create a story with fictional characters that make up a world And it was not even a romantic comedy, it was more about romance than it was about comedy Cierra, first of all, you are point How did you let George pitch knowing that he isn't a good pitcher? We just learned this at the casino

George always be too much, man Oh, so it was your idea to let George pitch? It wasn't my idea When George gets going, nobody can stop He's like the Energizer Bunny Sorry, man, I'm an adjunct professor, so sometimes it's monotone, you know? But I hope I– I did justice when it came to the actual numbers

If your students are falling asleep in class They don't I fell asleep

Terron, what you think? (Terron) Ultimately, you said the storyline was weak That's what I was in charge of, so as far as the weakest link I feel like based off of your comments, I feel like I was This man a modern day hero (chuckling) I'm telling you So you think you should go

I ain't say I think I should go, but if you think that there wasn't enough storyline, then that was on me I take responsibility and accountability for my role I appreciate that Just nominate George then I don't wanna break up a happy couple, so

Shut up You wild'n, son Stop, seriously

See what I mean? He speak too much, man You weak Know what I'm saying? He always speaks That ain't got shit to do with nobody's hustle Period You're not keeping it real Just keep it inside "I don't want to break up their happy home

" And I think, also, you know, Terron may have had difference of opinions, as well But because that's his old lady– Shut up Stop You know, he didn't wanna– Seriously Stop

Talk about it too much to avoid conflict You are so weak, George, seriously (TI) Can I say something? Yes

It isn't necessarily the things you did horribly wrong It's just the thing you didn't do especially right

So I have a question Did you guys even practice your pitch? No You did not? You didn't even think enough of the process to rehearse your pitch and prepare yourself (sighing) I've told you guys several times Success is when opportunity meets preparation

And for this opportunity you guys did not prepare That happened under your leadership, Cierra

Your time here has run out Okay See you You still corny Thank you

I still love you, Cierra Ain't nothing you can do about that (Cierra) I should not be going home right now (voice breaking) I worked too hard Way too hard to even be sitting out here right now

Like this some bullshit It could be either of you next week

Very easily Only thing that saved either of you is the fact that she was point You have an opportunity right now You could fall out right now, Terron, she– she waiting on you I tell you what

If you wanna go ahead and clip yourself, you know what I'm saying? What do you think? I got nothing to lose right now at this point, real rap, and everything to gain Like, this real life So nah I suggest you guys think on how you gonna better yourselves All those people downstairs want to beat you What are you going to do to remain? I leave you with that Have a good evening

♪ Run and tell 'em I can go hard, go hard ♪ ♪ But baby, I can go hard, I can go hard ♪ ♪ I'ma go hard ♪♪ (TI) Next time on "The Grand Hustle" I want you to take care of my kids You serious? Oh, yeah! (glass shattering) (all gasping) Get your ass right here and don't you move (girl) Okay, I wanna have a water I want seven pieces of ice in there I am not going home because of T

I's princesses You didn't tell 'em dice the onions A'ight, you can go make another order for me Cool Eh, I don't want soda

What?! Whoa! What're you doing? Oops ♪♪

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Celebrity Fails

Celebrity Fails

Celebrity Fails