Is This Baby A Serial Killer Or Celebrity?

Can we tell a good baby from a bad baby? Just by looking at it? Let's talk about that ( bright, upbeat music ) ( fire crackles ) Good mythical morning! We would like to give a good mythical welcome to Mr

Craig Robinson – Ooh-hoo! – Hello – And thank you – Welcome to the show, Craig – Thanks for coming in

– Great to be here Get the double, double shake here Boom, boom, bada bing, bada boom, a-ha – Yeah – Thanks for being here, man

My pleasure, thanks for having me Babies are so cute, so innocent-looking, but have you ever seen a baby that you just don't trust, a baby you know is up to no good? We're talking about babies whose eyes tell a story about the utter darkness living within their evil souls! Those are bad babies destined for a life of crime, but can we tell a good baby from a bad baby just by looking at it? And to do so, we've enlisted the help of our friend Craig It's time to play Welcome to "Good baby, bad baby," baby You each have a baby battle paddle in front of you – Uh-huh – I'm gonna show you a picture of a baby or young child and you each have to guess if that tot grew up to be a celebrity we know and love, or someone less lovable, say, like, – a murderer – Oh

Whoever guesses the most babies correctly, will get a good binky dipped in sugar And whoever loses gets a bad binky dipped in malic acid, which, I've been told, is disgusting It is, we've had it before, but not in binky form Right on You guys ready to play? – No

Yes – Yo– Yes Excellent! Is this a good baby or a bad baby? Link: There's a football, but then there's– what is that on the left side? Some sort of a scepter? I think it– I think that is not from the original scene It looks like it's in some sort of scrapbook – Link: Scrapbook situation

So I'm gonna say that, if you got a mom who's willing to do a scrapbook of you, it probably means she's, like, really investing in you, less likely that things would go awry – So you're saying good baby? – Yeah, I'm saying good baby I am not copying you, but, Craig, I'm also saying good baby because I know who this baby is – Do you? – Good baby Who do you think it is? That is Russell Wilson

– Craig: Whoa! ( laughter ) Fantastic All right, it is a good baby Ding, ding, you both got that – Rhett: It's the Rock – Craig: Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson

Link: It's Rock Johnson Can you smell what The Rock is pooping? – Hello! – ( laughter ) – Ah! – That is Alrighty, then

Is this a good baby or a bad baby? Rhett and Link: Ooh! – Rhett: Yeah, yeah, yeah – Link: Something He is having a bad baby day – Certainly is Rhett: It looks like he's witnessing something that is polluting his mind, you know what I mean? He's watching our show on the internet – Looks like he's pooping

– Link: Through his chest, yeah What is that? – Rhett: Yeah, they didn't clean him Parents didn't clean him, they got poop on his chest You keep pulling on what this says about the parents – I get it

– Nature, nurture, man – I'm going with the nurture side – Serial killing is in the D and the N and in the A Uh-oh You gonna copy me again? I'm not gonna copy you

I also think this is Russell Wilson ( laughter ) So we got a bad baby over here, we got good baby over here This is a good baby It is Ashton Kutcher – Rhett: Oh! – Link: I can see it! The moment you said "Ashton" I was like, "Yes, that's him

" I thought it was just a current photo of Sean Spicer – Oh! – ( laughter ) All right, round three Is this a good baby or a bad baby? Link: Ooh, that is a bad haircut What is happening? Rhett: The fact that– either those are, like, ghosts around him, or they're parents that did not want to be revealed, which would make sense if it was a bad baby – Craig: Oh, wow

– Plus, I'm playing the whole, like, bad student game where, if there's two good babies in a row, you know you got to get a bad baby on the third one Mm-hmm So I'm going bad baby Rhett says bad baby What about you, Link? It's definitely a bad baby

– Wow! – Look deep into those eyes And there's a flower involved – Yup – Mm This is a bad baby! This is domestic terrorist Ted Kaczynski, AKA the Unabomber

– Oh, wow – Yeah He was wearing Osh Kosh Ba-boom! ( laughter ) What? Yeah Here we go Is this a good baby or a bad baby? Link: Aw! Rhett: Oh, this is tricky

Those eyes look a little sadistic, though, don't you think? – Link: Yeah, staring into my soul And, again, I gotta go with the parents, I mean, the parent let him just grow his hair out, let him do whatever he wants to, he's got no restrictions – Hmm – Free to express himself and all the evil ways that are within his soul – Mm-hmm

– And it's like wherever you go, he follows you Yep He is looking Well, Craig, that's true of all pictures Touché

But you know what? I'm going against instinct, – I'm going good baby – Mm-mm No baby with long sleeves and shorts turns out good This is a bad baby I gotta tell you, it is actually – a good baby

– Yes! This is actor Zac Efron Rhett: Mm-hmm Yep By the way, those overalls are hiding his ripped abs His ripped baby abs

– I've seen those – Baby abs Here we go, is this a good baby or a bad baby? Link: That gum line is creeping me out! ( laughter ) See, the more you stare at someone staring at you in photo form Makes you feel a little creepy, doesn't it? It really– kids looking at you is just creepy in general Yeah, all you need is a ( high-pitched ) ♪ Mary had a little lamb – ( laughter ) – Link: Slow zoom? I didn't need that, actually

I didn't need that to know this is a bad baby Oh, it is a bad baby You're not taking the lead on me Mm! It is a bad baby This is serial killer Aileen Wuornos

– Link: Ooh! – You might know her because Charlize Theron won an Oscar for getting ugly to play her in "Monster" The real bad baby is the one that gave her that haircut – Ho! – ( laughter ) Do your thing, girl All right – ( Rhett sighs ) – Round six

Is this a good baby or a bad baby? Rhett: Oh, it's a surprised baby Link: Oh, my goodness, that baby's all eyes And nostrils Rhett: Looks like a gecko ( sputters, laughs ) Hey, what if this turned out to be, like, your dad or something? Oh, it's not

It's not I can tell you that confidently Look at that sweater Come on Link: I can't un-see the gecko

( crew laughter ) There's a cuteness that I just– doesn't translate into murder for me This is a good baby 'Cause I'm trying to see if– I'm trying to see a celebrity in there, like somebody we would know – Ten seconds, Rhett! – Bad baby – Bad baby

– ( laughs ) This is a good baby! This is John Travolta! – Oh! – That's right Or is it a baby who switched faces with Nicholas Cage? – What? – ( laughter ) Round seven, here we go This is our final baby – Tell me, is this a good baby – Link: Now, hold on – Am I winning? – ( laughter ) Yeah, you're up, five to four – Yeah, you're winning – Mm-hmm

– So– – So So, yeah, if you get this correct, you will win The sugar binky

But if you get it wrong and then Rhett gets it correct, you will tie and we will have to do a baby-off Which I just made up – I don't even know – ( laughter ) Baby-off All right, I'll just beat him It's fine Okay – I heard that

– Link: All right – Mm – All right, so this is our final baby Tell me, is this a good baby or a bad baby? Rhett: I think I know who this is And that really confuses my answer

But you know a lot of serial killers ( chuckling ) What a – Link: Murderers? – great statement you just made

I can't wait till people see it and then they'll laugh later, but that was awesome Yeah, I'm pretty sure I know who this is and

my assessment of her is that she's a bad baby Craig: Mm All I gotta do is match you, and I know I win

– ( laughter ) – That's what happens when you go first You should do that, Link, yeah Yeah, don't, for the sake of individuality, switch because – Well, here we go – But there's no way this is a bad baby, so I'm going for the gusto – Yowza-reeno – I say good baby This is a bad baby

This is Tila Tequila – Rhett: Yes, I knew it was her Yeah, she said she's into Hitler – Really? – So that means I'm right, but that means we freakin' tie – How are we gonna have a baby-off? – Baby-off! I think we just both have to eat the acid binky

Oh, gosh Do you want to eat the acid? ( laughter ) Guess we gotta eat the acid! All right – I think so – Rhett: Okay, here we go Two bad binkies coming in

– ( Craig groaning ) – Mm! Mm! ( high-pitched voice) Mama! Mm! Nah! – Oh! – You want the rest of it? You good I'm good – Oh, my gosh – Ah! Oh, man, that's gonna be a good gif ( laughter ) And that does it for this week's show

We'll see you next time on "Good baby, bad baby" – There's gonna be a next time? – Oh, you better believe it Great, we'd love to have you back Check out Craig's new show "Ghosted," Sunday nights on FOX, and go see "Tragedy Girls," an awesome new horror-comedy film that Craig co-stars in and also produced Mm-hmm

Click on through to the next video because we're gonna speak Google with Craig We have a podcast called "Ear Biscuits," and you can listen to the latest episode wherever you get your podcasts Do it

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Celebrity Fails

Celebrity Fails

Celebrity Fails