Top 10 Celebrity Good Girls Gone Bad

<i> These innocent girls </ i> <i> met </ i> <i> breaking the laws </ i> <i> from one moment to the next </ i> <i> The actress went to hear her sentence </ i> for minor thefts to a store

<i> Welcome to watchmojocom </ i> <i> Today we will present our list </ i> <i> of the good girls in the show </ i> <i> who became bad

</ i> <i> GAME OF TWINS </ i> (1998) BUENA VISTA PICTURES Compared to the others, you're almost normal <i> In this list we will include </ i> <i> famous girls </ i> <i> who became known </ i> <i> for their innocent appearance </ i> <i> but that they gained a bad reputation </ i> <i> when they became somewhat naughty </ i> TEN: DREW BARRYMORE <i> When she played Gertie </ i> <i> on ET at age six, </ i> <i> He won the hearts </ i> <i> of all the spectators </ i> I taught him to speak Now talk

<i> But that can be a double-edged sword </ i> <i> for an actor child </ i> <i> when it's time to mature </ i> You have noticed? It would be much easier for me to speak without teeth What do you mean? <i> It comes from one of the dynasties </ i> <i> of US actors UU </ I> DOMANDO A DREW – BARRYMORE SPEAKS OF BABIES, BUSINESS AND BALANCE <i> and for several years of his childhood </ i> <i> she was addicted to drugs and alcohol, </ i> <i> and everything started even before </ i> <i> of reaching adolescence

</ i> <i> Then, he faced </ i> <i> the classic Hollywood problems </ i> <i> before reaching adolescence </ i> <i> Although he managed to overcome his addictions </ i> <i> thanks to the rehabilitation, </ i> <i> Drew chose to expose his sexuality </ i> PLAYBOY THE TRUE DREW BARRYMORE <i> in full view of the world </ i> <i> After several difficult years, </ i> <i> Drew found peace </ i> <i> and she was an innocent girl again </ i> Can we stop for a moment? You're telling me that Drew Barrymore's fantasy is working in an office? Use a portfolio and make business trips? Yeah right NINE: JAMIEE FOXWORTH OPRAH: WHAT DO YOU DO NOW? FROM: THE OPRAH WINFREY NETWORK I started to leave marijuana and alcohol little by little

<i> She was chosen as a permanent character </ i> <i> in the hit series </ i> Household Things <i> when I was very small, </ i> <i> and was a main character </ i> <i> when the Winslow clan </ i> <i> monopolized attention </ i> Wait a minute You said I could win HOUSE THINGS (1989-98) WARNER BROS TELEVISION DISTRIBUTION So is

You have a chance of 51 out of 100 <i> But, when the neighbor annoyed, </ i> <i> Steve Urkel, it took away his attention, </ i> <i> was removed from the show abruptly </ i> <i> After spending </ i> <i> several years unemployed, </ i> <i> Foxworth realized </ i> <i> that he should provide for his family </ i> <i> and that I needed a job </ i> <i> And I left it And never again </ i> <i> I wanted to do it

</ I> <i> Already at the age of majority, </ i> <i> and without having acted in years, </ i> <i> decided to do pornography </ i> <i> with the stage name Crave </ i> PORNOGRAPHY NIGHTMARE OF EXHESTRELLA INFANTIL <i> In the end, he managed to channel his life, </ i> <i> but Jaimee's story serves </ i> <i> to scare the child actors </ i> Because they gave me another chance EIGHT: JODIE SWEETIN THREE FOR THREE (1987-95) WARNER BROS TELEVISION DISTRIBUTION That's me! <i> She is the eternal daughter of the middle of TV

</ i> <i> Sweetin's role as </ i> <i> Stephanie Tanner in </ i> Three by Three <i> was as sweet as the series itself </ i> <i> And a lot of the audience </ i> <i> I expected her to live </ i> <i> her life in the same way </ i> COURTESY OF OPIE RADIO No, the first time I got drunk was at 14 <i> That's why it was so amazing </ i> <i> when it opened to the public </ i> <i> and talked about his years </ i> <i> of drug addiction and alcoholism </ i> <i> after being part of the Tanner clan </ i> <i> Including an addiction </ i> <i> very strong to methamphetamine

</ i> <i> But, two years ago, </ i> <i> I was bored and unemployed </ i> <i> and tried methamphetamine </ i> <i> and became addicted quickly </ i> <i> He found himself using </ i> <i> methamphetamine every day </ i> <i> Thanks to a great effort, </ i> <i> she has also achieved </ i> <i> channel your life in recent years </ i> COURTESY OF <i> PEOPLE </ i> I would not change anything I'm happy because I'll have a baby

I'm happy and healthy SEVEN: AMANDA BYNES But you must promise us You're going to make a fuss every now and then Do not worry, dad I will smile for my record photo <i> Some child stars </ i> <i> are rare from the beginning </ i> <i> And it's not at all surprising </ i> <i> to know that they derailed

</ i> <i> But, Amanda Bynes had something </ i> <i> that told us that she was going to achieve it, </ i> <i> that he was going to stay sane </ i> I'm lucky My family is great And I keep focused on having a long career I do not want I do not want to spoil what it cost me so much to get

<i> Unfortunately, </ i> <i> we were wrong </ i> <i> Since you started </ i> <i> your career being small, </ i> <i> while growing up in front of the cameras, </ i> <i> Bynes has been in court </ i> <i> for procession and drug use </ i> <i> He was in the custody of his parents, </ i> <i> and set fire to the gardens </ i> <i> of strangers </ i> <i> Minutes before the gasoline </ i> <i> wet the dog, </ i> <i> while Amanda burned </ i> <i> the garden of the house </ i> <i> of this old lady </ i> <i> for no apparent reason </ i> <i> Reports that say you suffer </ i> <i> from serious mental illness </ i> <i> seem to be true, unfortunately

</ i> <i> She tweeted </ i> <i> "Retouched the image </ i> <i> of Drake so that his eyes </ i> <i> did not look like someone </ i> <i> with Down Syndrome "</ i> SIX: TAYLOR MOMSEN <i> EL GRINCH </ i> (2000) <i> In his first films, </ i> <i> as for example </ i> El Grinch <i>, </ i> <i> squirrel cheeks </ i> <i> and the sweet voice of Taylor Momsen </ i> <i> called attention </ i> <i> and overshadowed all others

</ i> <i> She continued to act </ i> <i> in her adolescence </ i> <i> But because of </ i> <i> his strange behavior </ i> <i> at recitals around the world </ i> <i> we decided to include it in the list </ i> COURTESY OF THE YOUTUBE CHANNEL: MEGAN M <i> His band is called </ i> <i> The Pretty Reckless, </ i> <i> and she honors </ i> <i> the name they chose </ i> <i> with his behavior on stage </ i> <i> Expose the breasts </ i> <i> with the covered nipples, </ i> <i> and shown in music videos </ i> <i> with symbols painted on the body </ i> <i> The controversy </ i> <i> follows her everywhere

</ i> FIVE: CHRISTINA AGUILERA <i> Appeared for the first time at </ i> The All-New Mickey Mouse Club <i> and then launched </ i> <i> her single </ i> Genie in a Bottle <i> but Christina Aguilera </ i> <i> remained a relaxed figure </ i> <i> of popular culture </ i> <i> despite some suggestive lyrics </ i> <i> But everything changed </ i> <i> when he released the video of </ i> Dirrty <i>

</ i> <i> It was clear that I wanted to achieve </ i> <i> cultivate an adult and sexual image </ i> <i> with a single song, </ i> <i> and that's what Xtina achieved </ i> <i> That image was amplified </ i> <i> with the video for </ i> Not Myself Tonight <i> inspired by sadomasochism </ i> <i> And he refused </ i> <i> with the positive theme </ i> Beautiful <i> </ i> <i> That's why, today, </ i> <i> Miss Aguilera can be </ i> <i> good or bad, whatever she wants </ i> FOUR: DANA PLATO BLACK AND WHITE (1978-86) SONY PICTURES TELEVISION <i> We do not want to imply </ i> <i> that there was a curse, </ i> <i> but it's weird </ i> <i> that the three children actors </ i> <i> of </ i> Black and White <i> </ i> <i> have been problematic for adults

</ i> We all like To me and my friends <i> Dana Plato is on this list </ i> <i> since he admitted to using drugs </ i> <i> and having a tendency to steal </ i> <i> She started using drugs when </ i> <i> she was a teenager and was in the series, </ i> <i> and everything got worse when she got fired </ i> <i> because she got pregnant </ i> They would not do that! NIGHT TRAP (1992) SEGA, ACCLAIM DISTRIBUTION INC

Do not! I can not believe you're doing this to me after everything we've spent together! <i> After your financial advisor </ i> <i> ran away with your money, </ i> <i> in 1991, Dana stole a video store </ i> <i> with a compressed air weapon </ i> I have been very confused BLACK AND WHITE (1997) COASTLINE FILMS <i> Then he made some </ i> <i> pornographic movies, </ i> <i> but Plato committed suicide </ i> <i> by overdose at 34 years old </ i> May 7, 1999 Interview one day before overdose <i> I'm an actress, </ i> <i> not a child star

</ i> <i> -All right </ i> <i> -That bothers me a lot </ i> <i> -Well </ i> <i> -Because I was never young and cute </ i> THREE: BRITNEY SPEARS <i> She was one of the biggest stars </ i> <i> in the world, </ i> <i> Britney was a brand </ i> <i> like Cher or Madonna before her </ i> <i> Like her sister, Jamie Lynn Spears, </ i> <i> a Nickelodeon star </ i> <i> who became pregnant at age 16, </ i> <br> Brit Brits was selling a good </ i> <i> image to the girls and their parents

</ i> <i> But that image began to fall </ i> <i> when the rumors began </ i> <i> that she had cheated on </ i> <i> her boyfriend Justin Timberlake </ i> <i> From that rumor, </ i> <i> his reputation began to get worse </ i> <i> for situations like </ i> <i> a marriage that lasted 55 hours, </ i> <i> a shaved head, attacks on </ i> <i> the cars of the paparazzi </ i> <i> and other erratic behaviors </ i> I feel uncomfortable even when you look at me Is seriously? <i> But what goes down must go up </ i> <i> And Miss Spears came back </ i> <i> and is more successful than ever

</ i> DOS: MILEY CYRUS <i> Why are Disney Channel stars </ i> <i> so rebellious? </ i> <i> She is the example of the problems </ i> <i> of infant stars </ i> <i> Miley has managed to stay relevant </ i> <i> to leave open-mouthed </ i> <i> those who were his fans before </ i> <i> This artist </ i> <i> does not seem to be kidding </ i> <i> Miley started being </ i> <i> a good Southern Baptist girl </ i> <i> who wore a chastity ring </ i> <i> After a few years, </ i> <i> climbed the rooftops to shout </ i> <i> who loved marijuana and other drugs, </ i> <i> and perreaba next to everything </ i> <i> what I found

</ i> <i> She discovered how powerful </ i> <i> the scandal is </ i> <i> and use it to his advantage </ i> <i> Before revealing number one, </ i> <i> some honorable mentions </ i> THE YOUNG HANDS OF SCISSORS (1990) 20TH CENTURY FOX -I am what I am -So is Be angry with me

I'm skinny Great <i> Mischa told a magazine </ i> <i> that his exits </ i> <i> they went out of control </ i> <i> while I was in the series </ i> <i> because his motto was: </ i> <i> "Work hard, celebrate a lot" </ i> UNO: LINDSAY LOHAN It is not good enough In his honor, a real beating

<i> In Hollywood history, </ i> <i> there have been many twins and triplets </ i> <i> who played a single role </ i> <i> to simplify the filming </ i> <i> But Lindsay achieved </ i> <i> the opposite perfectly, </ i> <i> and proved he had talent </ i> <i> at an early age </ i> The winner and undefeated champion is, from Napa, California, Miss Hallie Parker <i> In her adolescence she transformed </ i> <i> into a mega star </ i> <i> when making films like </ i> Heavy Girls <i> and have a career as a singer </ i> <i> With a song and a video </ i> <i> that showed only a fraction </ i> <i> of the damage they had done to him, </ i> <i> she herself anticipated </ i> <i> the years of arrests, </ i> <i> dependence, rehabilitation, </ i> <i> and strange behavior

</ i> I think nobody had told me that not before <i> Perhaps, the saddest thing of all </ i> <i> is that his recent actions </ i> <i> not even close to the skill </ i> <i> she showed when she was a girl </ i> I was the most beautiful girl in the world <i> Do you like our list? </ i> Why do you want to know what I think? <i> What good girl do you think </ i> <i> was worse? </ i> <i> But she is a delinquent </ i> <i> with a big heart </ i> <i> To see new lists every day, </ i> <i> subscribe to watchmojo


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