The Genie Of Pacdad/P.J. Goes Pac-Hollywood

chomp chomp chomp chomp Greetings, Pac-Cuz Oh, no, it's P

J Stand aside, cuz, while I pack some new life into that old crate Okay, cuz, it's all yours [whirring] Wow! Wee! [whirring] (PJ

) 'Like, wow! I think that's great, Pac-Cuz' [theme song] thud ♪ Pac-Man ♪ boing ♪ Pac-Man ♪♪ [music continues] chomp chomp chomp [theme music] [birds chirping] Well, I'm gonna do a little surf-fishing, Pepper – You comin'? – No, thanks, Packy Too much sun makes me turn orange Yeah, then you'll get an orange peel, huh? [laughs] Pretty funny, huh? Orange peel! [Packy laughing] Um, uh, I guess not

Ga-goo, dada, Pac-Baby wanna make sand castle Oh, here, let me show you how to make a super-duper one Come on, you stupid sand Start sticking [crying] Pac-Baby want a sand castle! Well, I'm making one

Pac-Land wasn't built in a day you know Bad, Chomp-Chomp No, no yap-yap Oh, yeah? Well, I'd like to see you make a better one [instrumental music] [giggling] I don't believe it

[snoring] creak creak Whoo! What? Oh, my gosh! Pepper, I got one Oh, it's a It's a monster Gotta be a world record here

A 2000-pounder maybe, huh? Here it comes Waa (Pepper) Hah! That's a world record, alright The biggest bottle ever caught

Wait a minute I think there's something inside it Ah, nope Nothing in this old bottle except a bunch of foul air [yawns] Ow! Who's the wise guy who clocked me in the brain? You ain't got no brains

Now, shut up and go back to sleep I b-better get some suntan lotion before I b-burn my ghost-suit Oh, this must be it Hey, fellas, I think we're out of suntan lotion But we've got plenty of, uh

Genie! [whimpers] Hey, what's the big idea? He's the big idea [laughing] [screaming] You, whoever waketh the Genie of Pac-Dad shall get what you deserve – No, we didn't do nothing – Don't hurt us

– We're innocent – Go away Please! You mean you don't want your three wishes? (all) No, we don't want 'em Give it to somebody else Three wishes? That's right

Whoever holds my bottle controls my infinite power Whoever holds the bottle? Yes, the bottle (all) The bottle? – It's mine – No, it's mine (Blinky) I found it first

(Inky) No, you didn't Give it to me (Pinky) Eh, why should I? Hah! I got it They're all mine No fair

Why should you get all the wishes? – Yeah – Yeah I wish you guys would shut your traps As you command oh, great ghost-master [mumbling] Hey, what happened? [laughing] I merely granted your first wish

Well, un-grant it Listening to that mumbling is worse than listening to their yapping Oh, as you wish [mumbling] – Give me my mouth back – I want my voice

You know, because of you nitwits we only have one wish left Then we better make it a good one Yeah, something real good Like a big potato Or maybe a spelling book

O-or better yet, a pair of galoshes Can it, fogface I'll do the wishing around here I wish Yes? – Yes – Yes I wish Well, what is it already? [chuckles] I wish for a million wishes

(all) Way to go, Clyde 'And this time, I'll be generous and split up' One for Inky, one for Pinky one for Blinky, one for Sue and 999,996 for me [laughs] Very well, master What is it that you wish for now? (Sue) 'Let's see, anybody got an idea' 'what would make a fun wish?' Yeah, I got one

Oh, this one's really a whopper! And that gives me a whopper of an idea for a wish Yeah, we wish for you to take us over 'to Pac-Man and help us chomp him for good' (Genie) 'Your wish is my command' 'oh, monster masters' Boy-oh-boy, this ones gonna look great hanging over my mantel Ah, on second thought maybe I'd better hang it up for today

Hmm, it must be getting dark earlier these days It's gonna get dark permanently for you, Pac-Shrimp [screaming] Abandon beach, abandon beach Women and Pac-Babies first Packy, what's wrong? He is

Well, looks like we're gonna get rid of the entire Pac-Family once and for all Yeah, even those zillion Power-Pellets wouldn't do you no good this time (Inky) 'Better say your Pac-prayers, Pac-Man' ''cause nothin' in this world' 'can save you this time' [Super-Pac screaming] splash What a stupid place to put an ocean Alright, who is the wise guy who put that ocean under my super time warp space hole? [laughing] Looks like the little super wimp has come to see this fellow Pac-wimps in distress

Are you the one who put that ocean under my super time warp space hole? And what if I did? Oh, just thought I'd let you know that, uh, next time I'd prefer the water a little warmer I catch colds easily, you know Achoo So long Super-Pac, come back! Alright, alright, I'll give you an autograph

(Pepper) 'But I don't want an autograph' You don't? Well, what do you want? I want you to save us from him Him? He seem like a nice guy to me That's what you think How would you like to play some Pac-marbles? Sure, only where is your marble? You are my marble

[laughing] [screams] thud crash Oh, where are we? What do you mean, where are we? This is my super time warp space home Uh, you didn't happen to see which hole we fell through, did you? – Unh-unh – Well Without a super time warp space hole map there's only one way to find out which one it was [screams] Nope, this isn't the one

[growls] This definitely isn't it thud (Super-Pac) 'I'm sure this is the one' Hmm, looks like we wound up inside someone's television set Hey, we've gotta get back and stop that evil Genie before anything happens to Pepper and Pac-Baby Relax, Pac-Man

Look on the bright side we've already eliminated three holes That means there's only four billion holes left Now, that Pac-Man and that Super-Klutz are gone looks like it's your turn Ms Pac-Pink Yeah, maybe we should wish her on to another planet

Or we could wish her into a Pac-statue Or better yet, we could turn her into a Ghost Monster [screaming] Ah, hah Now, that I have the bottle I control the Genie Your wish is my Pac-command

Oh, yes Ah I wish for a giant tennis racket to swat those Ghost Monsters all the way home It shall be yours [grunting] I am in control now and I wish for a set of giant teeth to chomp that Pac-freak

As you wish, master – Back, back – I'll take that I wish for a wider smile and fresher breath Give me that

Do I get a wish now? Just name it, sweetheart I wish for you to chomp the daylight out of that super-sap My pleasure Unhand me before I lose my temper [gulp] Okay, that does it

They can make fun of my tights They can spell my name wrong in the newspaper They can even step on my purple suede shoes But nobody swallows Super-Pac thud thud thud ptooey Ah-hah, now I wish for a super-powered Power-Pellet

Oh, not that – Don't give him one of those – But I must The Genie law says I have to fulfill all wishes I prefer to dunk them in milk but this is an emergency

gulp (all) S-s-super Pac-Power Hide Oh, uh Quick, Inky, dig us a ghost-hole Uh, what size? Six and three quarters

[instrumental music] [Ghost Monsters screaming] We gotta hang ten outta here and fast Something tells me we're about to wipe out splash Help! My chomper won't stop chomping [screaming] Boy, I'm gonna have to pay for all this Well, there's only one way to stop him

(Pac-Man) 'I wish that Super-Goof' 'would fly right back into his super time warp space hole' It shall be done, master [screaming] Boy, for a minute there, I didn't think we were gonna make it through the day Ga-goo I wish for a 100 Super-Pac

Oh, no No, no, Pac-Baby, not that No Your little wish is my command (all) Have no fear! Super-Pac is here! Oh, no! [giggling] [theme music] [instrumental music] (Pepper) Hurry up, Packy, we don't wanna be late

Isn't it exciting, Pac-Baby? Our first trip to the movie capital of Pac-Land Ga-goo! Hurray for Pac-Hollywood! All ready, just wanted to make sure I had my map to the stars' homes I still can't believe PJ is starring in Cecil B

De-Pac's newest movie Hmm, if Cecil B wanted a mere ghost-chomper he should've given me the lead role instead of PJ Now, don't be jealous, Packy, just drive

[instrumental music] Yes Uh, we were invited to watch the filming of "Ghost Encounters" Sound stage 12, just follow the yellow line [whirring] Ooh, wow, this is where they film all those great movies like "The Bride Of Pac-Kenstein" and "Gone With The Chomp" Yeah, I gotta get a picture

Come on, smile, Pac-Baby Come on, Packy, we've gotta find PJ Hey, this must be his dressing room Hey, hey, hey, it's P

J We love you, PJ [indistinct chatter] Oh, please let me have your autograph, PJ

, please Like it would be my pleasure chomp Look, he chomped my book! He chomped my book! Oh I'm glad you could make it, Pac-Man

Your cousin PJ is about to become a star Yeah, well, I starred in a movie once – Really? Which one? – Uh-uh, well, it

It was a power forest training film called uh, "What To Do In Case Of Ghost Bite?" Bad news, PJ, we're gonna have to call off the movie Your stand-in called in sick and we can't start shooting without him

Oh, gee, that's too bad, PJ [scoffs] Guess that's showbiz, huh? Wait a minute, Packy looks sort of like PJ With a little hair, he could be his double

Who? Me? She's right You're perfect for the part [chuckles] Well, uh, if you insist I guess I could fit it in between my other pictures What other pictures? Uh, you know, uh, the snapshots I was gonna take

Voila, now all we need is a little makeup and you will look ten years younger (Pac-Man) 'Ah-ha!' [sneezes] Yuck! Give me back my Pac-face [sneezes] Ah, that's more like it Oh, Packy, you haven't looked so young since high school Wow! Dada looks real cool

– Quiet on the set – We're rollin' Scene 52, take one Okay, PJ

, action Quick, Fatima, we gotta get to my motorcycle Oh, darling, you're so wonderful I can kiss you Cut, that was perfect, PJ

Stand-in Oh, that's you, Packy Oh, boy, they must want me to do the love scene [chuckles] Uh, uh, ready when you are, Mr De-Pac

Okay, Pac-Man, get in there and take PJ's place [chuckles] Yes, sir Hey, hey, hey, P

J watch a real star show you how this acting stuff is done Alright, action Oh, darling, you're so wonderful I can kiss you Well, if you insist

[grunting] [clamoring] Hey, where are you taking me? No, no, no Cut it out I don't wanna be bar-Pac-cued Cut! Print That was beautiful

Pac-PJ, in this next shot you're gonna steal the Magic Power-Pellet 'from within the sunken chamber' Pretty good performance, huh, Pepper? You were, uh, um, uh, great, Packy Dada, can I have your autograph? [giggling] Very funny, very funny

Quiet on the set Scene 53, take one Okay, PJ, action

[instrumental music] Hey, hey, hey, anybody home? 'Wow, like that's the Magic Power-Pellet' 'I bet it's worth a gillion dollars' Cut Stand-in! All you have to do is pick up the Magic Power-Pellet No sweat, C

B When it comes to Power-Pellets I'm the top chomper Alright, action [chuckles] This acting stuff is simple as pie [screaming] Whoo! thud Help! Let me outta here

[water gushing] What a shot! What a shot! I'm gonna be shot if I don't get out of the disaster film [screaming] (Cecil) 'Zoom in! Zoom in!' Wow, it's a good thing these green branches broke my fall Boy, these Pac-Hollywood guys really know how to make these fake snakes look real They are real Now, get movin'

Action! Action! Action! Real? Cut! Cut! Cut! Please cut Hey, who left this net here? Why do I get the awful feeling this isn't a net? No, no, stay away I hate Pac-widow spiders Cut, you're gonna love my next scene even more, PJ

– 'Hey, hey, I never knew' – Packy, are you alright? Who, me? He-he Boy, I'm just great This movie stuff is all make-belief, Pepper

[chuckles] [sighs] In this scene, PJ, you're gonna chomp chase with the Ghost Monsters Ah, Mr De-Pac, those actors you hired to play the Ghost Monsters just called from the costume company, they are on their way

Good, let me know when they arrive We're looking for someone to bite, right? We wanna get in a chomp fight, right? We'll fight some bad jerks And give them the works Then bid 'em a pleasant good night – Right! – Hold it, you guys

Cruising Pac-Land in our ghost-chain is boring Let's think of something else to do Okay, what do you wanna do, Sue? I don't know What do you wanna do, Pinky? Beats me, what do you wanna do, Inky? Well, I don't know, what do you wanna do, Clyde? I know, let's take the studio tour Wow, we might get discovered

Just think about it The Ghost Monsters up in light (all) Pac-Hollywood, here we come swoosh Yike! The Ghost Monsters Alright, Pac-fink five tickets or five chomps what'll it be? Very cute

Only you won't be making jokes when Mr De-Pac fires you Mr Da Who? Cut the clowning and get over to stage 12 immediately Did you know what that guy was talking about, Clyde? Nah, he's nuts like the rest of them Pac-People There's stage 12, come on Where do you think you're going? We're the ghost actors that Mr De-Pac hired

Nice try, fellas but the real ghost actors are already here Come on, let's chomp this guy It's about time you got here Now, in this scene, you guys are gonna chase the stand-in, Pac-Man, through the dungeon then chomp the daylights out of him, got that? Good – Quiet on the set

– Did you hear that? We're gonna be in pictures And we get to chomp Pac-Man too I'm gonna be a star You're gonna see stars if you don't wise up Come on

Scene 57, take one Okay, PJ, action (Fatima) P

J, help! Like, don't sweat it, Fatima baby PJ is here on cue to rescue you

(Cecil) 'Cut! Cut! Now, cut her loose, PJ' Oh, PJ darling, thank you

Cut Stand-in You're on, Mr Pac-Man Ah, say, uh, is there such a thing as a stand-in for a stand-in? Go on, Packy

You're doing just wonderfully Stay calm, Packy and remember you're playing PJ so make me look cool Real Pac-cool

[gasping] Stay cool, Packy Real Pac-cool Okay, action Uh, don't worry, Fatima I'm real cool

Oh, I may be real cool but that lava looks real hot boing I think this is the way out [grunts] It's stuck Ah, got it Hiya, Pac-Man

Oh, no The Ghost Monsters Hm-hm, and we're gonna chomp you all over the cutting room floor Yeow! Ooh! Eeh! Aah! Oh, cut Cut, Ghost Monster alert

Call the Pac-Police Break out the emergency Power-Pellet What are you doing, Pac-Man? You're ruining my movie Those aren't real Ghost Monsters They are actors in costumes, see

Guess again, Pac-Fool Yeow-aa! I don't know if that's in the script, but it's a great line Yeow-aa! Come on, we gotta get outta here No, please, have mercy on us Forget it, we're putting an end to this picture right now

Yeah, lights – Camera – Shot Like, hold it, you ghost-bullies

– 'Who are you?' – Hey, hey, hey, I'm PJ And this is a Magic Power-Pellet Magic Power-Pellet! Than that means (all) M-m-magic Pac-Power Yeow! Oh, like that's the end man (Pepper) Yay, what a movie Ga-goo Pac-Baby wanna see it again

What a film! You were great, PJ Like I wonder what I should say in my Pac-ademy Award speech You were great too, Pac-Man Oh, well, it was nothing for an old ghost-chomper like me

Good, then you won't mind being stand-in in my next film "How The West Was Chomped" Oh, there may be no biz like showbiz but I'll take that chomp-biz any day Ga-goo That's my Pac-Papa [theme music]

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