Overwatch – 10 Гранат за Ану на карте Голливуд(Hollywood, ana, ENG SUBS)

Hello everyone Today I am going to show you 10 cool grenades for Ana on Hollywood

Enjoy watching Let's start with a grenade for defense First of all you should come to this place and keep the crosshair at the level of the letter N There will be a noticeable white line You should aim at the middle of this line and throw a grenade

Timing is 08 sec This grenade is good because it affects both left and right sides If you are dead and your teammates need help on point you can get to this green car aim upwards so that this line touches the roof This grenade flies directly to the middle of the the first point

The third grenade will help you if you spot enemy widow on highground You get to this corner and aim at the top of the water tower As you can see The grenade is hitting highground In order to throw the fourth grenade you should come to this wall Then aim at the top in the same way as on the video

I personally follow these lines With good communication, this grenade will help you capture 1-st point or at least to secure a kill The next grenade will be useful if you know that the support is on the highground You should climb the stairs and aim at this column as shown in the video If you went to the left passage, there will be such black boxes

You get in this corner and throw a grenade, as I did The nade will fly directly to the center of the car Grenade for defense If there is such a situation that you are dead and your teammates need help at the 1-st point then this grenade can save the situation You come to this black box press against the wall and you match the Q letter with the corner of this roof

Then throw a grenade It flies directly to the car You have information that a sniper, hitscan or support is on this highground you come to the right tree press against it and aim at this leaf and throw a grenade The next grenade for the attack You get up in this place and aim so that the beginning of 1 gets into this corner

The last grenade is very effective against snipers or supports which usually stand in backline You see these 2 points, draw a line from each one so they form an obtuse angle and then throw a grenade Thank you so much for watching I HOPE you like, subscribe and share with your friends Thank you

Bye Thank

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