Los Angeles vlog /// Hollywood

"We're on our way to the Hollywood sign" – I'm very excited (almost dying) "My beloved father is the Hollywood sign who would not be excited?" (I'm very tourist passing shame anyway) Good morning people! Today is Sunday – We just woke up and it's a bit late

yesterday we were traveling Forever – We finally arrived in LA "Let's stay here for a week" – So let's enjoy LA – Let's buy coffee Christian Green Juice My coffee – I was so happy when I found this and it's still vegan and gluten free – Where are we – Locali – About to have the best hamburger in the world – it's not hamburger it's sandwich – Oh my God, a sandwich, okay? All vegan clear 🙂 – We're finally going to get our car – Ok we finally got our car – We just had the worst experience with Uber "This woman was such good people, but – She was a lousy driver "We're talking about this Uber driver She's a terrible driver

(speaking the language of those who drive I do not understand anything I do not drive) It was so funny – She's such a cute girl – She was cute, but man, she's a really bad driver! – We're going back to our hotel – We'll work out and this is the plan for now – Look at my driver he's very cat I have the best driver in the world – And he's available 24 hours for me

– Hi, we went to the gym – And now we're going to Santa Monica – No, you do not have to tell them that you've worked twice this week – I worked twice that week! – We're going to Santa Monica now pier – I love how you talk Santa Monica is beautiful "Santa MONTICA" OK – And what more what more – So let's have dinner of course because we're already hungry – I'm always hungry! – My love – LA and look who's there Kylie – What are you eating? – Cotton Candy – Cotton Candy – The best Ramen of my life without a joke – Good morning, I just woke up (I can tell) -That's why I look so strange – Okay, my love, what are we going to do? It's cloudy today "Let's have coffee and eat my sandwich" – Coffee and sandwich – Let's go to the locali every morning in the morning eat a sandwich -And cotton candy this is a balanced and healthy breakfast Green is not healthy The best hamburger in life We are having the best food in the world in LA – LA has the best food ever – "the badass breakfast sandwich" – You're very "badass" with your glasses – Enjoying life in LA – Let me tell you – The best vegan food in LA ~ freaking out because I'm arriving at the Hollywood sign " ~ tourist Maria is back ~ passing shame – It's there !!!!!! – It's a long walk to the signpost – We 're coming to the sign "Get out of the street before you get hit

(he knows me) "I'm so excited!" "These people are doing the best thing we did" – Trying to figure out where to park – I think I'll pay the fine and go there I'm going to pay it's worth it "The prison is not worth it, but I'm going to twist it so I will not give up" -You know

– My beloved father is the Hollywood sign who would not be excited ?? Part 2 next week

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Celebrity Fails

Celebrity Fails

Celebrity Fails