Hollywood’s Lasting Gift to Violet | Queen Sugar | Oprah Winfrey Network

VIOLET: Can I open 'em? HOLLYWOOD: Just one second, it's a surprise VIOLET: It better be a good one, all this foolishness you takin' me through

We've got a lot to do today HOLLYWOOD: Just remember, everything you see when you open your eyes belongs to you OK HOLLYWOOD: OK Now open 'em

I don't understand I thought you said you had a gift for me [LAUGHTER] You did not – Yes Yes

I did [LAUGHTER] But how did you even know? Don't worry about all that I heard about it and I know You wanted this and now it's all yours Only this time, you ain't got to share with nobody

Not Jarrett Not me The only name on the deed of this building is yours All you gotta do is say yes Oh, Hollywood, this is a lot to give somebody

Oh, first off my love, you ain't somebody And today, out of every day in the world, I deserve to give you whatever I want [SOFT MUSIC PLAYING] [INHALES DEEPLY]

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Celebrity Fails

Celebrity Fails

Celebrity Fails