Kristin Cavallari Honors Late Brother Michael While Tracing Her Family Roots in Italy

Hunting down her True Roots.

On tonight’s all-new Very Cavallari, Kristin Cavallari and husband Jay Cutler headed to Italy to meet the Uncommon James mogul’s distant relatives. As was discussed in a previous episode, the lifestyle guru felt inspired to trace her family history after wondering if late brother Michael was the “last Cavallari.”

Through the help of a genealogist, named Fabio, Kristin quickly learned that there are many Cavallaris still in Italy. Specifically, many relatives still reside in one small village, Monterado.

“After a three hour drive, we finally arrive in Monterado. I can’t believe that I’m just moments away from meeting my first Italian relative,” the reality star turned businesswoman noted in a confessional. “I seriously hope that he didn’t watch Laguna Beach—or The Hills. Or, pretty much, anything I’ve ever done.”

Despite her nerves, Kristin greeted her distant cousin Francesco with a big kiss on the cheek. Not only did Kristin think that Francesco “looks like a Cavallari,” but she thought he looked a little like her brother.

“I just instantly feel this comfort and this unspoken connection. So, I’m just instantly put at ease,” she added later on.

Fabio and Francesco kicked off Kristin and Jay’s Monterado visit by taking them to the town hall to look at old family records. After being greeted by the mayor, Kristin saw her great-grandfather’s birth certificate.

“So, my great-grandpa Frank Cavallari is Corrado,” Kristin explained to the group. “And when he came over to the states, he changed his name from Corrado to Frank.”

While combing through the documents, Kristin spotted that Corrado and his brother spelt their last name the same way as her, confirming that her spelling of Cavallari is the correct way.

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Next, Kristin and Jay were brought to the church where her great-grandfather was married, as well as the villa where Carrado was born and raised.

“I’m really spiritual and I do feel like my brother is with my grandparents. And I get the sense that they are probably here with us in spirit,” Kristin reflected. “So, it’s honoring both my brother and my grandparents, who would, of course, be so excited that I’m in Monterado as well.”

During a visit to Corrado’s former home and workshop, Kristin met a distant in-law, who shared stories about the late Cavallari patriarch’s entrepreneurial spirit. Understandably, being an entrepreneur herself, this information elated Kristin.

The fact-finding mission wouldn’t have been complete without a big family dinner. The Cavallari reunion was packed with all sorts of family members, including second cousin Gabriella.

In fact, Kristin took an instant liking to Gabriella, who made a speech and presented the Very Cavallari star with sweet family photos.

“This trip coming to Monterado and meeting all my family has been one of the most amazing experiences of my life. And the fact that they were so warm and welcoming, I feel like it puts everything in perspective,” Kristin shared with the Very Cavallari camera. “I realize how important a relationship with my dad is, and how much I do really want to have a good relationship with him.”

Yet, as Kristin still wished that she could’ve shared this experience with her brother, she chose to honor him at the local church.

“He would be happy that we did this,” Kristin said after lighting a candle and leaving a photo and a gold coin on the altar.

Nonetheless, Kristin missed her brother and expressed a desire to “hug him one more time.” Thankfully, Kristin had her “rock” Jay to lean on during this poignant moment.

For part two of Kristin’s Italian getaway, be sure to catch next week’s all-new episode.

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