In Honor of Daniel Craig’s Birthday, A Ranking Of All Of His Bond Films

We’re shaken and stirred that it’s Daniel Craig‘s birthday.

Today, the English actor turns 52 years old and has blessed us with an epic return to the silver screen after a two year hiatus.

In the past year, we saw the celebrity in Rian Johnson‘s delightful 2019 whodunnit Knives Out, where the actor laid on a thick, comical Southern accent as a donut hole-loving detective trying to crack a murder case.

Now, we’re just a few weeks shy of seeing his name in lights again, this time as he reprises his iconic role as James Bond in No Time to Die.

He’ll be reuniting with Knives Out actress Ana De Armas in the film, which follows the spy as he is enlisted to help find a missing scientist and confronts a new villain (played by Rami Malek) whose entirely new technology makes him a great danger.

With the series introducing Lashana Lynch to the series and featuring a theme song by Billie Eilish, we pretty much can’t wait.

Until its April 10 release date though, we’re ranking Craig’s previous Bond films to fill the void.

Sound off on which is your favorite below, too.

No. 4: Spectre 

The franchise’s most recent installment is, in this writer’s opinion, its weakest of the bunch not because it was bad but more that we expected Christoph Waltz‘s turn as Blofeld to be epic, but the plot felt bungled and left us a little disappointed.

That said, the film still shines in sequences like the thrilling train fight and we will see Waltz return in No Time to Die, giving the franchise opportunity to integrate him better this time around.

No. 3: Quantum of Solace

The second film to star Craig is still a pretty good Bond film, but lags a little in terms of action as we follow Bond through a lot of internal turmoil and depression following (spoiler) the death of his lover, Vesper Lynd.

This was more of an issue immediately following the thrilling Casino Royale, but when you go into the film knowing we’re following Bond while he is in grief, you grow to appreciate the film a lot more.

No. 2: Skyfall

Of all of Craig’s Bond films, this is far and away the most fun all while giving serious weight to Bond’s relationship with M and his own backstory.

From Adele‘s still-catchy theme song to Javier Barden‘s deliciously wild villain (and terrible hair color), Skyfall is one of the most relevant episodes to pop culture as well.

No. 1: Casino Royale 

It’s a tough call between Casino Royale and Skyfall, but I’m bumping this film to the top spot for Craig because it proved the actor was a worthy Bond, it’s enjoyable for non-fans and, quite frankly, I love a movie set at a casino.

Casino Royale also deserves the highest-ranking position because the risky bet to reboot the series paid off in a way that both pleased longtime fans while bringing in new ones to the franchise.

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