Florida real estate investor friends Hello or good evening to you all

I am today at "Hollywood Beach" For those who do not know very well geographically, it's located between "Miami" and "Fort Lauderdale" so it's really mid way between these two cities "Hollywood Beach" behind me, the beach, very pretty with its palm trees, very large beach besides, so it's a city in full evolution, in full explosion at the project level, and precisely we We have the privilege of being able to offer you an exclusive project The big advantage of this project is that you can do seasonal rentals, since it is allowed here in the complex, and you can rent as you see fit There are a lot of tourists to "Hollywood", so it's a growing area a lot, so for the prospects of capital gains, they are beautiful opportunities, since over the next five to ten years there will be a price progression that goes, that will apply in this particular area, and also for profitability, since it is profitable for investors who also want to benefit for an investment pleasure

So you can play on every board regarding this project We'll see right away, follow me Here we are in front of the apartment "Hop" it's gone! So we will make a visit So to situate yourself a little, both rooms are located there

One with balcony, the balcony that makes 4 square meters of living space We are on a living area of 94 square meters, plus the 4 square meters of balcony That's 98 square meters in all The apartment is sold furnished Here is the bathroom corner

Bedroom The big plus of this apartment is obviously, look at the view, we are really on the bay, on the intracoastal, very very well located, very well placed on "Hollywood Beach" As you can see, the kitchen is fully equipped The fridge, the microwave, the dryer and the washing machine With the air conditioning! Very important air conditioning in Florida

So take advantage of this opportunity It is true that it is a great opportunity to diversify your heritage Enjoy this pleasure investment It brings together many good points for those who wish, well obviously, invest in Florida We are currently on the 7th floor, at the "roof top" of the project, the specificity is that the building is between the beach and the bay, the intracoastal, magnificent with the multi-million villas dollars, and yachts coming out from time to time to gain access directly to the ocean

Geographically we are very very well put Between ten minutes and a quarter of an hour Fort Lauderdale Airport and we will show you right now the pool and the view of the beach We are in the heart of "Down Town Hollywood", downtown "Hollywood" You have here all the outings, shops, galleries, so it's also a nice setting, also for going out for a night out, to walk around It's very nice ! So here there are a lot of Canadians, a lot of French, so here we see including a French restaurant

Hollywood is growing enormously from these new constructions, whether in residential or commercial There are many real estate activities It is very interesting also as a city, as an environment If we look forward to the next few years, it's interesting for opportunities for capital gains I invite tourists to come and have a look at "Hollywood" as well

So here we are at Seminole's "Hard Rock Café" casino, always in "Hollywood" not far from "Fort Lauderdale" also, so it's a huge project there I do not know if we can see the big guitar, the big guitar, so they're doing one, a project on I do not know how many hectares, there are so many that I do not do not even know how to tell you, to be honest It's on the project "Hard Rock" Seminole Casino It's a casino, but also a hotel We are now inside the casino

We'll do a little tour

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